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The Clean compiler, with iTasks extensions.

# compiler This is the repository of the [Clean][] compiler. This is a delayed mirror of the [upstream][] version and is only used to publish the package. Periodically changes from upstream are released in a new version here. The compiler is released in the `base-compiler` and `base-compiler-itasks` packages. A library with compiler sources is distributed as `lib-compiler-itasks`. `base-compiler` should normally not be used directly; instead, you should use `base`. See the documentation in [base][] if you intend to make a merge request for this repository. ## Packages In this repository the sources of three packages are kept: - [`base-compiler`][base-compiler] (from the [`main`][main] branch), which is the standard compiler. This package should not be included directly, but through [`base`][base]. - [`base-compiler-itasks`][base-compiler-itasks] (from the [`itasks`][itasks] branch). This compiler is not included in [`base`][base]. - [`lib-compiler-itasks`][lib-compiler-itasks] (from the [`itasks`][itasks] branch). This is a library with which you can use modules from the Clean compiler. The versions of these packages are kept in sync. This means: - `base-compiler-itasks` may introduce features in patch versions. - `lib-compiler-itasks` patch versions may not be backwards compatible. Normally you will want to use this dependency with an exact version constraint, e.g. `=1.0.0`. ## Updating When pulling in new commits from upstream, follow the following steps: Set up the repositories: ```bash git clone cd compiler git remote add upstream ``` Update the `main` branch by merging changes: ```bash git fetch --no-tags upstream git checkout main git merge upstream/master ``` You may now have to resolve conflicts (and finish the merge with `git commit`). Update the version in `nitrile.yml` and add changelog entries: ```bash vim -p nitrile.yml git commit -am 'Bump version to VERSION; add changelog entries' ``` To update the `itasks` branch, first merge the upstream `itask` and then merge the version and changelog changes: ```bash git checkout itasks git merge upstream/itask git merge main ``` After each merge you may have to resolve conflicts (and finish the merge with `git commit`). You may also have to add extra changelog entries if the `itask` branch includes more changes. The version of `lib-compiler-itasks` needs to be set to the same value as `base-compiler-itasks` (which follows `base-compiler`). Do this manually: ```base vim nitrile.yml git commit --amend nitrile.yml ``` Push all branches: ```bash git push origin refs/remotes/upstream/itask:refs/heads/upstream-itask git push origin refs/remotes/upstream/master:refs/heads/upstream-master git push origin main:main git push origin itasks:itasks ``` Head over to to check that all looks good. No commit should be listed twice. If all looks good and pipelines succeed, you can tag the new heads and push the tags: ```bash git tag -s VERSION -m VERSION main git push origin VERSION git tag -s VERSION-itasks -m VERSION-itasks main git push origin VERSION-itasks ``` ## Maintainer & license This project is maintained by [Camil Staps][]. The upstream is maintained by John van Groningen. For license details, see the [LICENSE](/LICENSE) file. [base]: [base-compiler]: [base-compiler-itasks]: [Camil Staps]: [Clean]: [itasks]: [lib-compiler-itasks]: [main]: [upstream]:
# Changelog #### v2.0.1 - Chore: allow `base-stdenv` ^2.0. ## v2.0 - Enhancement: use ABC instructions `select_nc` and `update_nc` for array updates and selects when indexes do not need to be checked (e.g. in array comprehensions). - Enhancement: add names of comprehensions to generated identifiers in patterns. - Fix: bug in generic fusion causing incorrect functions to be generated. ## v1.0 First tagged version.